Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Almost forget the login info for this blog..

Finally, i remembered it. Great to be back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The World Needs You To Do What You Love

A cousin passed away early morning on last thursday, leaving behind 2 children who are in universitiy..not really close with her but every CNY, her family will visit my house and she loves my mum's cooking. She stands out among my other relatives coz she's the only one among them tat speaks English. Even my bro remembered her as "the speak english relative". The saddest thing was, my cousin's mum (my aunt) was not informed about her passed on until 2 days later as our relatives are worried she cannot take the blow. My aunt is recovering from a serious illness. They finally broke the news to her on Sat morning and she seems calm. I know she must be crying hard inside her heart.

Another friend told me on Friday that her primary school friend passed away recently coz she didnt update her Facebook for such a long time. Upon checking with her other friends, they told her "she passed away". friend had a rude shock! She is only 35.

It is better to do what we love instead of regretting if we were to pass away suddenly..*emo*

And i spotted this:

Life is all about flow. The more we resist, the more pain we feel. Read a book before and it said that resistance is what a pebble experience in the stream. It is resisting the stream of water and the water hit hard on it.

If we go against what our heart's desires, everyday is a terrible day. It is like walking then, time has already passed and cannot be turned back.

Last night, dreamt i was at hide live..i dunno why but i just appeared as a happy and excited fan at hide's concert.. upon waking up, was wondering wat the heck i went to japan again..coz i dont think i will go there anymore.

The M guy who was supposed to buy diru's goods for my fren seems half hearted to buy..smsed him on sun morning and sun nite, he replied "oh, i nearly forgotten,,will try to get it..u may pay me when i return to spore." Err, i think i will end up like maki..

Browsed the EOY site just now n saw that the booth application has opened. Had applied and is waiting for approval..look forward to receive the goods news soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kawaii Meat buns or Pringles Night Club Potato Chips anyone?

So Kawaii

Pringles Night Club Potato Chips

This site is sooo enjoyable.

Glad that Vonnie enjoyed her boys live last night! ^^ Dear Vonnie, Thanks alot for the live updates via sms!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Singapore is world's 2nd most densely populated country

Check this out..cant imagine what will happen if we hit 6million people. Think will have difficulty breathing while walking on the streets, due to air and environment pollution (eg, spitting and littering).

2nd aunty's daughter will be moving into a new condo in Oct. My mum was kinda envious. 2nd aunt said "coz her condo now is near mrt, so her baby daughter (4mths) cant sleep well). Told my mum "strange lor, before she move in, she shld have checked the ammenities right? Why only now then realised it is noisy?". Anyway, told my mum now sporeans buying condo is like regular shopping. Queues everywhere,,like weekends at courts and major shopping malls. Same scenarios for the 2 LV stores along Orchard road. Told LP if i want to buy LV, i will buy it in Paris, London or Tokyo,,not queueing it in Spore!

Yday the armour ring customer replied again after mia for 1-2weeks. She said "if i order size 15 and if it cant fit me, can u help me resize or change another size?" STUPID QUESTION! If u buy a VW version, u cant even change, let alone a 35bucks replica version. Replied in a nice way and she paid to order "to take the risk" since i said no exchange or refund if it cant fit.

India seems to have serious H1N1 now,,im wonder if i still shld proceed with my trip,,zzz

Thursday, July 30, 2009

lembek cashier and kuku customers

Was at bata (jurong pt branch) this evening coz my mum wanted to buy a pair of shoes. The aunty staff was kinda half hearted in serving us..she seached for the size and let my mum tried it,,after that,,she went MIA (perhaps went to serve other customers) and totally forgotten about us. My mum wanted to try another pair but there were no other staffs in sight. i went to the cashier and saw one uncle (presumely the boss..he was accepting payment from another customer). So, told the uncle i need size 6 for this pair (hand him the shoe). He took it and passed to another staff in the store room.

The Indian staff was quite fast n swift..she pass us the pair of shoes within 5mins. My mum decided to bought this pair. Saw the aunty sales staff walked pass and told her we dont want the 1st pair. She merely signalled leave it there. So, i went to the cashier to make payment while my mum sat on the seat.

Nobody at the cashier..then, came a guy who was on the phone. He wasnt on uniform,,so i tot perhaps he was checking stock or something.. then, he scanned my box and i realised he was serving me (still on the phone). Hand him the 50bucks and i turned my head to look at some stuffs at the side. When i turned back, the guy was gone! He left my change on the cashier table,,i was astonished! Is it so difficult to stop talking on the phone when serving customers? It is the most most basic manner. He should at least take 30sec off to inform customer to collect the change personally instead of just leaving it on the table.

Encountered some kuku questions today. yes, both are from Sporeans. Customer A wants to order a cd from an online shop. The shop ships overseas (a japanese site but all info is in english) and can accept payment in US$ (it is good,,coz now yen is more ex than US$). So, told him to order himself coz it is cheaper if he does it himself..

Customer B wants all the info abt the armour ring..sent her all the pics and dimension calculation website. she said her size is 5.5cm in circumference and told her according to the site, it is size 15. Size 17 also can if she dont want it to be soo tight as it is only 2.8mm difference. She replied "but i got a ring that is size 17,,circumference rite?" HUH? what qn is tat??

I get irritated by such customers because really encountered alot, 9 out of 10 such questions are from Spore. Self confession: I do no like to serve kuku Singaporeans!

A new and interesting customer from today's order. She is a Hong kong girl but her parents migrated to Ireland when she was very young. She speaks cantonese, english,irish and mandarin. She's not sure why her parents choose Ireland to migrate..these are brave people who have the courage to choose an almost unknown destination. Perhaps i will migrate to Sicily, Baracay or Timbuktu!

I was thinking if i should go backpack around asia or save more $ and travel around not sure which is a better choice. My sis in law said it is better to go to the country i hope to visit most. Somehow, it is tempting to visit asia coz the air tickets are really cheap.. as for the locations,,it is mostly countrysides (eg,,.Vietnam,indonesia, cambodia). Im not sure if i like it or not coz it might reminds of malaysia coz of the similarities (if any). So far, im only interested in India. If i want to travel around the world,,surely, i must visit is a matter of sooner or later..

Last week, an Austria customer said she went to Germany for D'espairsRays lives. Prior to this trip, she was in Slovenia (her homeland but worked in Austria). She said there are cheap flights within Europe (something like our budget airlines) so she can even go to neighbouring countries over the weekends.

She introduced this:

Shall try it out when i visit Europe.

X Japan, show me ur music, not goods! Yoshiki had a neck operation on Monday in the US. Hope he is fine and dandy.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

X Japan's $$$ generating machine strikes again

Im soo disappointed with this band,,where is their good ole days music??

The prices for all the goods are eye popping,,esp dog accessories..well, it is not Tiffany, Cartier or Bvlgari,,zzzz